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AI’s Potential to Transform Cars, Food and Healthcare

AI’s Potential to Transform Cars, Food and Healthcare

Written by David

December 12, 2018

Overused brakes. Stalled Food packaging, And outsized Insurance. These are a few of the issues artificial intelligence looks solve as it transforms the biggest industries. Many industry giants are running out of options with increased competition. Wall Street is pressuring such companies to outpace potential disruptors or, like Ford CEO Mark Fields, get booted. Disruptors also grow — and get huge valuations — quickly, making buying your way to innovation less attractive. One alternative is to adopt the tools like advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to create better efficiencies. Businesses that do so enjoy competitive advantages, significant cost savings — and most importantly, ensure they provide their customers with the most relevant product or service. As we head into 2019, it’s hard to find an industry that has been untouched by the data revolution. Even segments known for the hands-on nature of its work, like construction, are being […]


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