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AI recreates paintings using 3D printing

AI recreates paintings using 3D printing

Written by David

January 29, 2019

The texture of an artist’s original work (bottom) can now be reproduced with AI-controlled 3D printing (top) © MIT CSAIL Call him Vincent van Bot: a team at MIT has created an artificial intelligence that can faithfully reproduce works of art. Dubbed RePaint , the system uses a combination of 3D printing and deep learning to authentically recreate complex paintings. It could be used to remake famous artworks for the home, or even to produce accurate copies to protect originals from suffering wear-and-tear when hung in museums. “The value of fine art has rapidly increased in recent years, so there’s an increased tendency for it to be locked up in warehouses away from the public eye,” said RePaint mechanical engineer Mike Foshey. “We’re building the technology to reverse this trend, and to create inexpensive and accurate reproductions that can be enjoyed by all.” The team used RePaint to reproduce […]


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