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AHA.18: Where cardiac 3D printing falls short

AHA.18: Where cardiac 3D printing falls short

Written by David

November 19, 2018

As 3D printing continues to gain traction as a medical treatment tool, cardiologists across the globe are implementing the technology in their own departments and practices. But as they do, one radiologist cautions, it’s important they consider some critical groundwork that’s yet to be laid. For years, physicians have lauded 3D printers as planning tools for complex cardiac surgeries and facilitators for patient engagement. In a 2016 paper published in Nature Reviews , Andreas A. Giannopoulos et al. wrote cardiovascular 3D printing enhances diagnostic workup, improves patient understanding of conditions and promotes shared decision-making between primary care providers and their patients. The researchers suggested cardiovascular 3D bioprinting and molecular 3D printing hold “great promise,” but they also admitted the widespread adoption of 3D printing is limited by a dearth of evidence and high price points. Those barriers concern Frank J. Rybicki, MD, PhD, a longtime radiologist and chief of […]


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