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AECOM’s 3D-Printed Graphene for Transport Network Modernization

AECOM's 3D-Printed Graphene for Transport Network Modernization

Written by David

April 28, 2020

Graphene is being touted as a super-material that could revolutionize everything from computing to transportation, and a recently announced application of this unique form of carbon is expected to enable the modernization of rail transport by facilitating the incorporation of new digital signaling technology.


American engineering firm AECOM recently debuted a 3D-printed graphene-infused structure that arches over a railway. By simplifying the installation of digital signaling technology, the new ‘CNCTArch’ arch has the potential to completely revolutionize railway networks, according to AECOM.


Standing 4.5 meters tall, the novel railway arch is fabricated from a graphene-infused polymer. The graphene material works as a kind of reinforcement for the arch, facilitating a high weight-to-strength ratio. The amount of graphene that is typically necessary to make these kinds of structures are considerably greater than for other applications. How Could 3D-Printed Graphene Structures Revolutionize Railway Networks? According to AECOM, the […]


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