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Additive vs Subtractive Manufacturing – Simply Explained

Additive vs Subtractive Manufacturing – Simply Explained

Written by David

January 3, 2019

Back to top Most will be familiar with 3D printing as a form of additive manufacturing, but what about subtractive manufacturing? Let’s take a closer look at both! Integrated additive and manufacturing technologies. Source: Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies / YouTube Additive manufacturing adds material. Subtractive manufacturing takes it away. Both are used for prototyping but may also be used for production. Hybrid approaches involve both additive and subtractive processes, taking the best of both worlds. An example of such would be polishing a 3D printed part. In the context of large-scale production, both additive and subtractive processes are generally slower and more expensive than traditional approaches, such as injection molding or casting. Marines from various units manufacture a ratchet using a 3D printer at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Source: Additive manufacturing is any process in which parts are produced by depositing material to create the desired shapes. 3D […]


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