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Additive Manufacturing: The new revolution in manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing: The new revolution in manufacturing

Written by David

May 13, 2019

When the entire Manufacturing process – from design to delivery – takes 90% lesser time and consumes 80% lesser energy, it’s a huge departure from convention. Add to this the advantages of environment-friendly processes and the savings on sustainable operations, and you have a true revolution. Welcome to the world of Additive Manufacturing (AM), which is transforming industrial processes and ushering in a new future for factories. The forward-looking technologies and innovations involved in Additive Manufacturing are opening up new pathways for economic, technical and logistical advantages in the manufacturing domain. Industry leaders are at the forefront of this revolution, providing hardware & software solutions to OEMs of Additive Manufacturing machines & integrating AM technologies into mainstream manufacturing for themselves at the same time. The Additive Manufacturing era While conventional and subtractive manufacturing produces 3D objects by machining out matter from the foundational raw material, AM or popularly known […]


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