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Additive manufacturing in space: How NASA’s 3D printing could transform spacecraft building

Written by David

March 20, 2019

Perhaps the most talked-about technological advancement in the world of manufacturing over the last decade has been additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing , is a when multiple thin layers of material are built up to make a physical object from a from a three-dimensional digital model. The technology has been around for several years now, with the ability to product objects rapidly, accurately and in a way that is more effective, it is having a notable impact on the manufacturing industry. However, the technology is having an impact on the space industry too. NASA is investing in the technology, believing it is a vital next step in launching rockets, and even people, into space. NASA’s Orion spacecraft, due to launch next year, hit the headlines last week after NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that the space agency was considering launching the spacecraft on a commercial rocket for […]


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