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Additive Manufacturing Continues to Prove Promise of Custom-Fit Future

Additive Manufacturing Continues to Prove Promise of Custom-Fit Future

Written by David

March 18, 2019

For all the interest and headlines generated by additive manufacturing—more commonly known as 3D printing—it still represents a small percentage of all manufacturing operations.


Traditional subtractive manufacturing methods such as CNC machining and injection molding produce the vast majority of all parts manufactured at scale. The benefits of on-demand customization for small batches of personalized consumer products is evident. But we’re now beginning to see additive manufacturing used on a much larger industrial scale.


Clearly, there’s a growing level of confidence in additive manufacturing, and that will create opportunities across a variety of industries.


Here are a few examples: Right Now – Customized Sporting Goods: The performance of athletes can be altered significantly by seemingly small factors, like the fit of a shoe. Companies such as Reebok, Adidas and Nike have begun experimenting with 3D printing to create custom-fit sneakers for professional athletes in sports like basketball, […]


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