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Additive Industries Opens New Factory

Additive Industries Opens New Factory

Written by Paul

October 24, 2018

Additive Industries has opened a brand new factory. The Eindhoven-based startup, which I suppose should not be called a startup any longer, has been rapidly expanding, now achieving a level of business demanding a much larger factory floor. Dutch PM Mark Rutte with the Additive Industries team [Source: Additive Industries] Their equipment is one of the first to recognize the many operational challenges in metal 3D printing. While metal 3D printers have been around for many years, operators have learned there is much more to the business of producing metal 3D prints than simply the printing stage. In fact, there are multiple steps required in a proper metal 3D printing workflow, such as cooling, removing support structures, heat treatments, and more. Traditional metal 3D printers require these steps but were performed manually. And as we all know, manual intervention is costly, inconsistent and risky. Additive Industries’ insight was to […]


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