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Acetone 3D Print Smoothing – 6 Easy Steps

Written by David

September 10, 2019

3D prints all come out showing a hint of layer lines, but what if the surface finish could be smooth? Introducing acetone 3D print smoothing, a finishing option that creates a totally smooth surface finish.


An acetone-smoothed ABS print. (Source: Alexander Issal / All3DP) One of the many things that fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers lack is that smooth finish you always get from injection-molded parts. Instead, you often get a matte, rough finish with visible layer lines.


A popular way to get rid of these layer lines is to sand and fill until the surface is smooth. This method, however, takes ages to get anywhere close to smooth.


Another way that’s not only faster but also much better in preserving accuracy is acetone smoothing, which can be applied to any material that can be dissolved in acetone. The most popular filament to acetone smooth is […]


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