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A step towards production of truly UNIQ-Ǝ! 3D printed faucets

Ever since metal 3D printing became sufficiently cost-effective to be used for certain luxury goods, designer faucets have attracted the interest of designers and metal 3D printer service providers. A few attempts have been made at commercialization but mostly they have remained an exercise in style.


This is where the new UNIQ-Ǝ! steps in, combining nearly thirty years of experience in the sanitary fittings industry with the new design possibilities offered by metal additive manufacturing. The initiative is the brainchild of Mr. Giovanni Pitturru, President of SOSITALIA, a firm that has been around for over 26 years in the heart of the faucet industry of Northern Italy.


Mr. Pitturru’s ongoing efforts to always stay one step ahead of competitors, led him to become fascinated with 3D printing technology, learning how AM is disrupting many different industries, from prosthetics to fundamental structural design in aerospace to even making sports […]


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