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A small step closer to 3D printed human organs

A small step closer to 3D printed human organs

Written by David

March 20, 2019

The promise of using 3D printing technology to build human organs is showing some results. For example, new 3D printing techniques provide a way for an RIT researcher to create platforms to help regenerate human tissue that allows the body to heal itself more effectively. Could this development meet the dream of reducing the need for human organ donations in the future? Perhaps. Iris Rivero, an engineering professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, has found that compatible combinations of polymers and biomaterials can be successfully used to fabricate “scaffolds,” 3D-printed structures that signal the body to begin its own tissue regrowth. This research moves a step closer to the possibility of “smart,” 3D-printed bone, skin and cartilage tissue replacement. “Sometimes organs in the body, due to the magnitude of damage or compromised immunology, are not able to repair themselves, and we have to come up with external alternatives to […]


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