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A Secret Foam-Based 3D Printing Process Under Development

A Secret Foam-Based 3D Printing Process Under Development

Written by David

August 14, 2020

I’ve recently been corresponding with reader Michał Baran, who has been working on one of the most unusual 3D printing processes yet seen.


Baran, a jeweler by trade, is located in Poland, where he postulates different methods of making objects. I should point out he not only postulates them, but in several cases has performed experiments necessary to prove they are feasible, including this highly unusual and as-yet-to-be-named foam-based 3D printing process.


One of his projects involves a radically new way to 3D print using foam, a method that in retrospect is so obvious it is surprising it has not been attempted previously.


I asked Baran to explain how this concept came to be, and he replied with the most unusual story: “Because I didn’t know anything, […]


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