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A Portable Desktop Scanner for Makers and Educators

Few examples demonstrate the pace of technological change in the modern world better than 3D printing. We’ve seen it go from invention, to commercialization, to the beginnings of industrial production in little more than a generation—and we’re only getting started. The rise of the Maker Movement is due in no small part to the explosion of options for consumer-grade, desktop 3D printers, but the other side of the equation sometimes seems underserved. With all the ways we can take digital models and bring them into the physical world, the options for bringing physical objects into the digital world are comparatively limited. Enter the V2 3D Scanner from Matter and Form , a desktop unit that’s aiming to serve hobbyists, educators and even professionals. had the opportunity to try one out. Read on for our impressions. The V2 3D Scanner – First Impressions The most immediately striking thing about […]


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