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A new solution to 3D printing part removal

A new solution to 3D printing part removal

Written by David

June 4, 2019

The two systems 3DQue launched, the QSuite and QPoD systems, promise to bring plastic parts production in-house while reducing costs, increasing operational control, and decreasing environmental footprint. These systems are based on a design from Mateo Pekic, founder of 3DQue, who at age of 15 was considered a whiz at 3D printing in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. He found a way to complete print jobs autonomously. “Until now, plastic 3D printing failed to meet today’s manufacturing needs due to the high cost of part removal and lack of scalability,” said Steph Sharp, CEO and co-founder of 3DQue. “Working from his basement, Pekic solved a problem that has stumped some of the world’s leading experts in materials science, engineering and innovation by automating plastic 3D printers to safely produce complex plastic parts at scale.” QSuite eliminates the need for manual tasks such as job scheduling (and rescheduling), part removal, […]


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