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A new era of hardware personalization: the evolution of printed electronics

When Apple announced its latest and greatest iPhones, the XS and XR, no one could deny that these phones were the tech giant’s smartest products yet. They also couldn’t deny that it was the most expensive phone yet. What if it were possible to create those same iPhones in smaller sizes—and at a lower cost? Unfortunately, personalization in the technology world until now has been limited to software rather than hardware. While we can choose the color of our new phone, its operating system and amount of memory, our personalization options usually stop about there. However, new advances in the field of 3D printing technology and printed electronics could soon put an end to these limited customization options. With new metal 3D printers and PCB manufacturing methods using functional 3D printing, consumers are about to see entirely new levels of product customization across industries. Let’s take a look at […]


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