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A New 3D Printer Company From The Ashes Of LulzBot?

A New 3D Printer Company From The Ashes Of LulzBot?

Written by David

May 27, 2020

I’m looking at an interesting news report detailing the first products from a new 3D printer manufacturer located in Loveland, Colorado.


Loveland, Colorado, as you may recall, was the long-time headquarters of Aleph Objects, the original makers of the LulzBot brand of desktop 3D printers. For many years LulzBot was one of the premier desktop options in the 3D printing space, with multiple advanced devices produced. With a strong emphasis on open source technologies, the company was seen as one of the winners in 3D printing.


However, that all suddenly evaporated last October, when Aleph Objects abruptly announced they were laying off the majority of their staff . We received a number of behind the scenes reports on the company , and also interviewed the then-CEO, Jeff Moe , about the situation. The saga took another turn shortly thereafter, where […]


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