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A 3D printer powered by machine vision and artificial intelligence

MIT startup Inkbit is overcoming traditional constraints to 3-D printing by giving its machines ‘eyes and brains’ Inkbit, a startup out of MIT, has created a multimaterial 3D printer capable of printing extremely flexible materials more accurately than competitors, according to the founders. Images: Courtesy of Inkbit Objects made with 3D printing can be lighter, stronger, and more complex than those produced through traditional manufacturing methods. But several technical challenges must be overcome before 3D printing transforms the production of most devices. Commercially available printers generally offer only high speed, high precision, or high-quality materials. Rarely do they offer all three, limiting their usefulness as a manufacturing tool. Today, 3D printing is used mainly for prototyping and low-volume production of specialised parts. Now Inkbit, a startup out of MIT, is working to bring all of the benefits of 3D printing to a slew of products that have never been […]


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