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A 3D printed mask gave him a new face

A 3D printed mask gave him a new face

Written by David

December 2, 2018

The surgery at NYU Langone Health in NY was technologically advanced and required the replacement of Underwood’s upper, mid and lower face and his jaw after his injury left him without his lower jaw, nose and any teeth. Doctors quickly decided Underwood was a ideal candidate for the surgery, and he was flown out to NY on short notice to undergo the operation in January. Cameron Underwood says he doesn’t get as many “stares or questions from strangers” since his face transplant . Underwood, of Yuba City, California , suffered a self-inflicted gunshot to the face in June 2016. Pointing to a photo of Underwood from that time , Rodriguez said there was “no way conventional surgery could ever bring that patient back to the way he was”. “As Cam defined it, his life was in pause”. Underwood’s surgery was on January 5, 2018, less than two years after […]


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