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A 3-floor apartment building is being built in Germany with a 3D printer — see how it’s being done

A 3-floor apartment building is being built in Germany with a 3D printer — see how it's being done

Written by Paul

December 14, 2020

Peri’s 3D printed apartment building in Germany. Peri A three-floor apartment building is now being 3D printed in Germany by Peri, a Germany-based formwork and scaffolding maker.


The three-floor, 4,090-square foot apartment building will contain five apartment units of varying sizes — good for both single occupants and families — and a basement. The home is being produced by gantry printer BOD2, which Peri says is the fastest available 3D construction printer. “We are convinced that 3D house printing will gain in importance and have considerable potential in certain market segments over the next few years, such as certain areas of residential construction,” global business development manager of 3D construction printing at Peri Jan Graumann told Business Insider in an email interview. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories . A three-floor apartment building is being constructed by Peri, a formwork and scaffolding maker, with the help of a 3D construction printer . Germany-based Peri isn’t a newcomer to the ever-growing 3D construction printing segment. The apartment building is currently being printed in Bavaria, Germany, and the project was unveiled only two months after Peri announced i t was creating Germany’s first 3D printed two-story detached home. Unlike the […]


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