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8 of the most envy-inducing tiny homes of the year — including a house that can be printed for less than $4,000

Around the world, many envy-inducing tiny homes were built in 2018. The list of this year’s best includes a cabin on a mountainous ledge in New Hampshire, an island of tiny homes in Norway, and a 3D printed home in Austin, Texas. Each project is uniquely designed, though many feature similar elements such as hidden bedrooms and retractable decks. As housing becomes more expensive in cities, the trend of tiny living continues to pick up steam. In 2018, tiny homes caught the eye of major corporations, acclaimed designers, car manufacturers, and 3D-printing companies, which each put their unique stamp on the concept. The results were some of the most envy-inducing miniature structures ever built. Whereas the typical tiny home is cluttered and claustrophobic, a few clever designers and architects have managed to make their units feel luxurious and spacious. Some tower over the ocean, some sit atop mountains, and […]


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