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5 Surprising Impacts the Maker Movement is Having on Manufacturing

5 Surprising Impacts the Maker Movement is Having on Manufacturing

Written by David

September 26, 2018

No longer considered a passing fad, the Maker Movement is the unconventional, but popular convergence of DIY and hacker cultures. Combining technical pursuits, like electronics, robotics, and 3D printing with trade oriented DIY like metalworking and woodworking, the Maker Movement encourages the use of open sourced design and contemporary approaches to solve age-old problems. Estimated to reach $93 billion by 2025 , the Maker Movement is beginning to transform industries like manufacturing and distribution. As the “ physical manifestation of the digital movement ,” the Maker Movement will challenge manufacturing assumptions on what can be created, traditional design limitations, and the speed with which concepts make it to market. Below are five significant impacts makers have had on manufacturing so far: Individuality Leading brands such as Levi’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy are looking to the Maker Movement to incorporate a new sense of individuality into their ethos. These […]


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