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5 Manufacturing Trends the Pandemic Has Accelerated

5 Manufacturing Trends the Pandemic Has Accelerated

Written by David

July 27, 2020

A number of trends in manufacturing were apparent prior to the pandemic, but many have been accelerated by the new state of the industry presented by the novel coronavirus.


1. Reshoring


Higher value-added manufacturers were already beginning to reshore from China. China’s labor cost advantage is decreasing, and many now recognize that long supply chains tie up a lot of inventory (and cash) on boats, which creates a vulnerability to both quality problems and faster product life cycles. The threat of intellectual property theft is another significant driving factor. Another factor was the decreasing labor content of higher-value-added products, accelerated by increasing automation. The pandemic has increased scrutiny on Disaster Resource Plans, including having multiple options of supply. Reshoring is now seen as a de-risking option going forward. Analysis: Business customers receiving supplies from a single plant in the United States may insist that a second plant be readied […]


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