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5 Amazing Projects That Will Change the Future of Healthcare

5 Amazing Projects That Will Change the Future of Healthcare

Written by David

March 6, 2019

High-Tech Healthcare Even when it’s moving at a slow speed, Rohit Bhargava’s 3D printer in action is mesmerizing. As the pointed tip of the printer head moves, it extrudes a thin, shining tube of what looks like plastic. The nozzle moves away and draws out another tube. Then suddenly they’re connected; joined by other tubes to become a complex three-dimensional shape: A tiny, anatomically accurate replica of a heart. The tubes aren’t plastic; they’re made of isomalt, a soluble material. And though the heart is impressive, Bhargava’s ultimate targets are much more subtle: ducts and vessels in the human body where cancer can take root. These delicate filigrees are seeded with cells from the human body, then enclosed in wobbly cylinders of collagen where the isomalt dissolves. What remains are models of real human anatomies made of living cells: a 3D platform to study disease as though you’re within […]


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