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4D Printing Technology Promises Smarter Cities

4D Printing Technology Promises Smarter Cities

Written by David

October 9, 2019

Imagine bringing home a piece of “some-assembly-required” furniture from IKEA and discovering, to your utter delight, that your new table or stereo console actually assembles itself.


Or that those new shades for your home windows autonomously close themselves at night and open themselves in the morning.


Both of these fantasies may be coming soon to a city near you, thanks to 4D printing technology . And both may be part of a new paradigm of smart city technology.


Paradigm Shift 4D printing technology was first defined on the TED stage in 2013 by Skylar Tibbits , an assistant professor of design research at MIT and founder of the school’s Self-Assembly Lab.


“4D printing is multi-material 3D printing plus a new capability called transformation,” Tibbits explained. “We program 3D materials to transform their shape, properties or even their function autonomously in response to external stimuli such as heat, moisture, light, […]


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