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4D Printing Could Lead to Small, Implantable Medical Devices

4D Printing Could Lead to Small, Implantable Medical Devices

Written by David

March 23, 2019

Engineers at Rutgers University-New Brunswick report the creation of flexible, lightweight materials with 4D printing that could lead to small implantable biomedical devices, among other applications. Their study (“ 4D Printing Reconfigurable, Deployable and Mechanically Tunable Metamaterials ”) appears in Materials Horizons . “Exotic properties of mechanical metamaterials emerge from the topology of micro-structural elements. Once manufactured, however, metamaterials have fixed properties without the ability to adapt and adjust. Here we present geometrically reconfigurable, functionally deployable, and mechanically tunable lightweight metamaterials created through 4D printing. Using digital micro 3D printing with a shape memory polymer, dramatic and reversible changes in stiffness, geometry, and functions of metamaterials are achieved,” the investigators wrote. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, turns digital blueprints to physical objects by building them layer by layer. 4D printing is based on this technology, with one big difference: it uses special materials and sophisticated designs to […]


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