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4D Printing: A Technology Straight Out of Science Fiction

4D Printing: A Technology Straight Out of Science Fiction

Written by David

June 7, 2019

4D printing isn’t a term that many people have encountered, and there’s a good reason for that: it’s still a maturing technology. Right now, 4D printing exists as nothing more than a proof of concept – a preview of things to come. Although it’s still far off from being adopted at a practical scale, 4D printing holds a lot of future potential. What exactly is 4D printing, and how does it work? What are its possible applications? What is 4D printing? While 3D printing refers to the creation of objects in 3D space from custom designs, 4D printing adds another dimension to the mix: time. Instead of being static objects, 4D prints can change form over time by the addition of some kind of stimuli, such as heat, moisture, light, or an electric current. How does it work? As opposed to 3D printers whose sole function is to create […]


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