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4D Printing: A New Opportunity For The Chemical Industry?

When it first emerged, 3D printing was revolutionary, changing the possibilities of our world and the manufacturing industry. Yet this technology has quickly become mainstream and already proven its relevance to the chemical industry . Now the next innovation on the horizon is 4D printing. What will this technology hold for chemicals? Emergence of 4D printing While 3D printing has broadened the capabilities of the manufacturing industry, it still has limitations. This is where 4D printing can come in, giving manufacturers the ability to do more than they could before. Manufacturers could program printed materials so they can later self-assemble or change to fit what’s needed when reacting to heat, water, or another stimulus. How 4D printing could impact the chemical industry First and foremost, think about new feedstocks, composites, or formulations developed in chemical labs along with innovative process technologies. Think about items used as laboratory or plant […]


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