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3YOURMIND launches Agile Manufacturing Execution System software

3YOURMIND launches Agile Manufacturing Execution System software

Written by David

April 3, 2019

Berlin-based AM software company 3YOURMIND has launched the full version of its Agile Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The software, which increases production floor efficiency and agility with smart part prioritization, custom workflow creation and other tools, is being showcased at AMUG this week in Chicago. The software offering has been in the making for some time, as 3YOURMIND has collaborated with big players in the additive manufacturing industry to develop order management software solutions. Going a step further, into the realm of the production floor, the company also sought to find solutions to workflow challenges associated with additive manufacturing. As part of this, the company launched an Early Access Program through which AM power users could provide direct feedback about the production floor and 3YOURMIND’s software solutions. Participating companies, including Voestalpine, Eckhart, EOS and Tenco, were therefore able to give immediate feedback and see results soon after. “Agile MES […]


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