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3M Enters 3D Printing Market With Printable PTFE Service

3M Enters 3D Printing Market With Printable PTFE Service

Written by David

November 29, 2019

Another day and another chemical company enters the 3D printing market, this time American giant 3M. 3M is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, having revenues of almost US$33B last year.


They produce over 60,000 products and no doubt have one of the largest catalogs of chemical recipes on the planet. And now they’re deploying it into our industry by 3D printing PTFE .


Where will they start?


It turns out they are 3D printing Polytetrafluoroethylene, or “PTFE”. It’s also well known under the brand name “Teflon”. Everyone has seen this material; it’s a pure white, silky smooth substance with a waxy texture that most often is used in high temperature applications. That’s because it has a glass transition temperature of 115C, making it ideal for use in frying pan coatings, nuclear storage and […]


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