Select Page Interviews 3D Printing Pioneer, Professor Ian Gibson of the University of Twente

Written by David

April 8, 2019

I’ve been reading ‘s papers for years now. He has written many insightful articles delving deep into metal, polymers, sintering, concrete, welding, medical applications and the industrialization of 3D printing. This 2016 paper on , while this is a great primer on that part of our industry. He is also one of the authors of the which has helped many students worldwide to understand 3D printing. Ian has a clear mind and a wealth of 3D printing knowledge and experience. To my surprise, he was now a Professor at the University of Twente. He moved to the Netherlands to be the scientific director of the . This arm of the huge German Fraunhofer siblings aims to bring a deep understanding of 3D printing and related developments to the Netherlands. The Center hopes to partner with business in order to make 3D printing for manufacturing a reality. Snagging Gibson is […]


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