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3Diligent 3D prints cladding nodes for upcoming Seattle skyscraper

Written by David

March 8, 2019

Digital manufacturing company 3Diligent was selected by commercial cladding company Walters & Wolf to 3D print a series of exterior curtain wall nodes for the new Rainier Square Tower in Seattle. The building, which is expected to be complete in 2020, will be Seattle’s second tallest building, following the 76-story Columbia Center. To be totally clear, the Rainier Square Tower will not itself be 3D printed, but that doesn’t make the fact that it will feature some 3D printed elements any less cool. The new building, which will rise 58 stories high and is estimated to cost $600 million, will add something unique to the Seattle skyline with its subtly sloping silhouette. This unique silhouette is being achieved thanks in part to 3D printing. That is, each floor of the building will be set a step back from the preceding one, which will necessitate a custom cladding system. The […]


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