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3D Systems’ Software Suite – Introducing New Features

3D Systems’ Software Suite – Introducing New Features

Written by David

November 14, 2018

3D Systems is an innovator of 3D solutions and they’ve been well-known for making a wide variety of software for companies and professionals. The tools are the gold standard in engineering as they help optimize designs, transform manufacturing workflow, and bring products to the market easier. Their software portfolio has been expanded with some new tools and existing software offerings were also updated with some enhancements. Let’s check out the software lineup. Geomagic Design X is the best reverse engineering solution for making CAD models from scan data. The tool still offers all the functionalities to digitize objects, bring legacy parts to CAD, and get the finished design quicker. Besides, the new version has some new features like a streamlined direct scanning, hole filling and automated file fixing, new sketching and blending tools, and powerful surface fitting quality and continuity controls. Geomagic Control X is the metrology software that […]


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