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3D Systems: Challenging Fundamentals In Growing Industry

3D Systems: Challenging Fundamentals In Growing Industry

Written by David

July 22, 2020

3D printing companies have been severely affected by the decrease in production worldwide. 3D Systems is no exception, trading at a 23.7% discount from January 2020 levels.


While total revenue has been relatively stable in recent years, the company’s fundamentals have been deteriorating. The company faces increasing competition from larger companies. Even if 3D Systems’ (NYSE: DDD ) share price has lost 23.7% of its value since the beginning of the year, the company might be a value trap for investors seeking to get exposure to the 3D printing industry.


Interestingly enough, we can see that the shares trade at the 1995 level. With 3D printing emerging as an innovative solution to rethink supply chains around the world, by providing its users with flexibility and resilience, let’s figure out if there is any value left to be uncovered for investors looking to get exposure to this growing industry. […]


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