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Nine Most Recent Posts in 3D Software

STL converter: Top of the best tools!

Creating your STL file is an important step in your 3D printing process. STL is the most common file format for 3D print 3D printing, as this format is readable by all 3D printers. Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service is supporting almost all 3D files possible, but...

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“Using 3D Printer with SketchUp”

Aidan Chopra was a beloved member of the SketchUp team for 10 years; he is the creator of SketchUp Blog where SketchUp members and professionals share their new designs and tells some tips and tricks to design various designs that help users a lot. This Blog has...

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Nine Most Recent Videos in 3D Software

Velo3D Flow Software

Flow is specifically designed for Sapphire, VELO3D’s laser fusion metal additive manufacturing system. It includes tools that help with part orientation, support generation, simulated print predictions, per-surface process application, slice composer and process review. As a result, manufacturers can now print complex part geometries SupportFree, enabling volume manufacturing of parts that are otherwise impossible or uneconomical to print due to hard-to-remove support structures.

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