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3D software update

3D software update

Written by David

March 22, 2019

Tech Soft 3D has released a new version of its HOOPS Communicator kit. Tech Soft 3D, which makes software development toolkits (SDKs) for 3D printing, has released a new version of its HOOPS Communicator kit, designed for building web-based engineering applications. HOOPS Communicator uses WebAssembly for the core rendering component, which could lead to a reduction in library size as well as performance improvements. The size of the main JavaScript library will be reduced by more than 50%, resulting in faster downloads and startup times for HOOPS Communicator-based applications, the company said. Other improvements featured in the kit include shadow and reflection plane support, where the HOOPS Communicator viewer can optionally render ground-plane shadows and reflections that automatically update when the geometry changes. ‘Faster and better – these are the constant demands of both developers and users of engineering applications,’ said Erik Hultgren, product manager visualization solutions, Tech Soft […]


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