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3D Scanning Technologies

Current 3D Scanning Technologies TechnologyReviews

3D Scanning Technologies

Laser Triangulation

Laser triangulation 3D scanning technology utilizes a laser beam projected  on the object’s surface and measures and maps the resulting distortion of the laser ray.

Structured Light

Structured light 3D scanning technology measures the deformation of a light pattern on the object’s surface to generate a 3D scan of the surface shape.


Photogrammetry, also called 3D scan from photographies, reconstructs in 3D a subject from 2D captures with computer vision and computational geometry algorithms.

Contact / Digitized

Contact-based 3D scanning technology relies on the sampling of several points on a surface, measured by the deformation of a probe.

Laser Pulse

Laser pulse 3D scanning technology works by measuring the time of flight of a laser beam from point of origin to the object, as the speed of light is known, precise measurements are possible.

Explaining 3D Scanning

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