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3D Scanning Buying Guide 2019

3D Scanning Buying Guide 2019

Written by David

March 7, 2019

3D scanning has always shown a lot of promise for widespread use. The various 3D scanning technologies have had a difficult time delivering on this promise.


Whereas 3D scanning is an established business process in industry, architecture and reverse engineering, it has been difficult to do so at home.


Starting up in 3D scanning as a business is also difficult with a lot of practices being specific to the technology and finicky. Often files need a lot of manual labor and stitching with powerful 3D software to work. I’ve seen many people buy 3D scanners and not be able to use them as intended. For the vast majority of people the question “should I get a 3D scanner” should probably be answered with a “no.” Most 3D scanners are difficult to use as is their software. The usability of the systems is low, and you’ll probably end up with […]


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