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3D Scanning + 3D Printing

The medical industry is constantly seeking out new, cutting-edge technologies to disrupt standard practices for the better. The industry is often using handheld 3D scanners for this, coming up with new ways to create custom orthotics and prosthetics.


While these orthopedic solutions may be newer, the technology itself has a long, proven track record across many industries. Digital model of patient’s foot in FitFoot360, software for converting digital scan data for orthotic applications. As such, the combination of 3D scanning and additive manufacturing has already begun to establish inroads throughout the healthcare industry. It’s quickly modernizing these practices, while improving patient experience and comfort. The top benefits of integrating 3D scanning with 3D printing include: Creating a perfect fit Portability Creating low cost prosthetics Orthotics for ‘orphan’ conditions. Creating a Perfect Fit In the past, the first step to creating a customized orthotic device for a patient required using […]


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