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3D Printing’s Answer to Supply Chain Uncertainty

3D Printing’s Answer to Supply Chain Uncertainty

Written by David

June 24, 2020

The modest nasal swab, a product that’s been around for more than 100 years, was reinvented and launched by a team of engineers at Carbon and Resolution Medical in 20 days. The 3D printer company, co-founded by chemist and entrepreneur Joseph DeSimone, recognized the shortage in swab supplies during the height of the pandemic and set out to help. But in typical Carbon fashion, it didn’t just print swabs, it improved them.


As it did with the bike saddle and the football helmet, Carbon takes products that have been around forever and helps companies reimagine them through the lens of additive manufacturing. Through its partnerships with companies, such as Ford, Riddell, Adidas, and Specialized, Carbon is out to prove that its 3D printing technology can replace existing methods of manufacturing for a wide range of products, and the most exciting are yet to come. .


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