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3D Printing with Food: Assessing Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Potato Puree

Written by David

January 23, 2020

3D printing and food is always an interesting topic that garners attention due to the curiosity most of us have surrounding the true viability of such technology.


And while you may still be thinking about printing some flapjacks for breakfast, whipping up some chocolate, or enjoying other sweets and savories, researchers from Lebanese University in Lebanon and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech in Spain have been concerned with evaluating potato puree—amidst the effects of agar, alginate, butter, olive oil, and carrots.


Potato purees are often used as an additive to enhance other foods with stability, texture, and more; however, figuring out optimum rheological properties can be challenging due to variances in the way substrates and purees interact. For this study, the researchers used numerous food substrates, and added a variety of physico-chemical characteristics. Butter and oil were added also, as the researchers studied the effects on performance. These types […]


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