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3D Printing Will Cut Millions from F-35 Program

3D Printing Will Cut Millions from F-35 Program

Written by David

December 10, 2018

When it comes to manufacturer contracts for military applications, we’re far more likely to hear the words “cost overrun” than “price reduction.” That’s why it was a pleasant surprise when Lockheed Martin announced it had cut costs from its F-35 flight simulators by swapping some traditionally produced parts with 3D printed ones. And it was no small potatoes, either: Lockheed says each unit of the F-35 Full Mission Simulator — or FMS — would cost $3 million less to produce than it did previously. According to 3D Printing Industry , pilots-in-training do much of their training on the FMS as opposed to the notoriously costly F-35 jet itself — which runs about $100 million. The system offers a virtual environment, including controls and sensors, and even includes the same software as what’s use in prime time. Because it’s been so effective, the Air Force is said to be splitting […]


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