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3D Printing Visual Aids for the Vision-Impaired

3D Printing Visual Aids for the Vision-Impaired

Written by David

November 28, 2018

It recently occurred to me that all signages I’ve seen in braille are those embossed from metal and I wondered what’s preventing us from making it out of plastic, a much cheaper material than metal. In addition, it allows us to create method of crowdsourced accessibility for the vision-impaired. With this new inspiration, I followed my train of thought of creating a more accessible space for the visually impaired through 3d printing and I came up with a few good ideas, all of which are centered around making the normally untouchable touchable or just how do we make normal objects more accessible. I went through numerous ideas, and prototyped some of them to be 3d printed. I’ve always wanted to learn to CAD well but most CAD software like solidworks and fusion360 have a steep learning curve. That’s when tinkercad came in and allowed me to learn some basic […]


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