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3D printing tissue… in space!

3D printing tissue… in space!

Written by David

February 13, 2019

We recently talked about Additive Manufacturing in space projects, such as colonizing Mars with 3D printed habitats or using moon dust for Additive Manufacturing applications . It’s also no news that Additive Manufacturing is broadly used in the medical sector . From 3D printed prosthesis to organs , Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the industry. But what if we combine 3D printing in space and bioprinting? Is it possible to print artificial tissue in space? Why would you 3D print tissue in space? It might seem unnecessary to bioprint tissue on space stations, but there are real people out there, and there are also serious plans to explore space further and colonizing other planets. Right now, in case of an emergency, the astronauts can only count on themselves out there. Of course, they have support from Earth, but no one will send human tissue if the astronaut suffers burns. This […]


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