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3D Printing: The shape of things to come

3D Printing: The shape of things to come

SatellitePro ME spoke to two leading specialists about their USPs, their markets, and whether 3D printing is really the universal cure-all so beloved by popular culture.


It’s a truism that space exploration and deployment has always been among the earliest of adopters when it comes to new technology. So just as the world was sitting up and taking notice in 2016 when a Vulcan 2 3D printer was used to create homes in Latin America – at a cost of only $6,000 per building – the space industry was quietly getting on with its own adaptations of the technology.


More than $9bn of venture capital was finding its way to Silicon Valley pioneers specialising in 3D printing processes for aeronautical and space vehicle componentry. Since then, the pace of change has been remarkable, with even industry titans such as Boeing progressing from traditional multi-component assembly to additive manufacturing on […]


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