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3D printing & the marine industry

As the issue of additive manufacturing or 3D printing is gaining ground in the marine industry, Braemar Managing Director – Asia, considers how 3D printing could be used both onshore and aboard to reduce delays relating to machinery breakdown. What is 3D printing? There are currently seven different additive manufacturing techniques referred to as 3D printing. Material jetting is the most well-known manufacturing technique, where layers of plastic wire are melted on top of each other forming a 3D structure. Powder-bed extrusion is the most interesting 3D printing technique for the marine industry, as this method can produce accurate and complex metal structures for spare parts. What are the benefits? Warehousing and shipping costs of spare parts for ships can be reduced by producing items on demand at any location. The parts can also be produced without the heavy scantlings previously created in the casting process and with efficient […]


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