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3D Printing the Bottom of the Pyramid

3D Printing the Bottom of the Pyramid

Written by David

September 1, 2020

I wrote my first post on designing for the Bottom of the Pyramid with 3D Printing in 2009. Not a lot has changed since then.


For the developing world, a dearth of capital and infrastructure can lead to a lack of development or development at a slower pace. In some areas, it can seem like developing countries could never catch up. A car plant now, for example, is served by thousands of suppliers in an intricately connected web of businesses that would take many billions of dollars and years to assemble.


Never say never, however, since China has shown us what a concerted and concentrated industrial policy can do in taking a developing country to high tech manufacturing in only decades. Faced with a lack of clusters, capital, knowledge, and infrastructure across its land in the 1970s, China focused infra creation and clusterization in tax-efficient designated cluster-specific areas. It […]


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