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3D printing snacks from food waste? Sounds gross, but it’s actually brilliant

Written by David

February 26, 2019

The world has a food waste problem and technologists are coming up with all kinds of ways to solve it . A pair of entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Elzelinde van Doleweerd and Vita Broeken, have an approach that’s more unusual than most: They want to give old food a new lease of life (or, at least, a new shelf life) by turning into a material which can be used for 3D printing new food. “With Upprinting Food , we are creating an attractive food experience from food which otherwise would have been thrown away,” the co-founders told Digital Trends in an email. “We use, for example, old bread, in combination with fruits and vegetables. We create a printable puree from those residual food flows and print it in nice shapes to make it look attractive again. After printing, we bake it and dehydrate it to create a crunchy structure […]


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