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3D printing shop takes ‘innovative’ approach to serving customers

The president and co-founder of 3D printing company DI Labs, Carl Douglass, said he and his brothers consider their company to be more about design innovation and customer interaction than the typical “upload and go” service bureau.


Carl Douglass’ only regret is that he and his brothers didn’t get into 3D printing sooner. The president and co-owner of DI Labs , Spicer, Minn., said he and siblings Brian and Sean started their company with a vision: to develop an end-to-end replacement for the plaster casting process. “Our thought was that if you broke your arm or leg, the physician could use our system to scan it, convert that information into a digital model, and then 3D-print a cast from antimicrobial materials,” he said. The physician “would also be able to design-in things like flexible hinges and tearaway sections, providing a much better experience for the […]


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