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3D printing services let you design beyond your own setup without overstepping your budget. Keep your wallet closed and your imagination open! 3D printing services take your designs and produce them on their own 3D printers. Source: TechCrunch Not everybody can afford their own 3D printer, so a number of companies have added 3D print-on-demand services to their offerings. 3D printing services let you send in your design and get a fully realized 3D printed model back without needing your own equipment. 3D printing companies open access to everyone who wants to experiment with the process. Even if you do have your own setup, 3D printing services can still be useful. If you’d like to experiment with size, materials, and intricacies, 3D printing services let you try more varieties than you could possibly fit into a single setup. So if you’ve got a desktop 3D printer but have always […]